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ACR Group is Atlanta’s cedar shake roofer.  We are starting a blog to help homeowners understand the ins and outs of owning a cedar shake roof.  There are a lot of factors that most homeowners with a shake roof do not think about.  We want to express the importance of maintenance and upkeep when dealing with cedar shake.  Most people are told that cedar shake should not be protected by means of stain or paint.  While cedar is inherently rot resistant, it is still an organic roofing material that needs to be protected from the elements.  When a cedar or redwood deck is installed, no one says you should leave it alone and never treat it.  That would be crazy- you would have weathered boards and eventually rotten pieces.  Cedar shake, like any other wood on your home, needs to be treated and protected for a longer life.

Annual inspections of the shake can help us, and the homeowner, stay ahead of deteriorating shake and overall quality of the roofing system.  We like to have a schedule with our clients where we come clean the gutters and inspect the roof every fall and spring.  Ignoring or neglecting your shake roof can turn a simple restoration or treatment into a full replacement of your roofing system.  Restorations vary in price, but the difference in a restoration and replacement is very significant. Replacements can cost nearly 10 times as much.  We are here to help homeowners protect their largest investment and save money in the process.

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